How it began

Food.  Real Food.  => Sustenance still very close to it’s roots in the Earth and the people who produce it.

Used to be, that’s all there was.  But then, manufactured food that seemed like real food became a thing.  Then, along came manufactured food that doesn’t even care about ties to the Earth, having more ties to the lab.  And animals – used for meat, now live in cramped, close quarters instead of rolling pastures of green grass and sunshine, even to the point of sequestering them in individual dark, cramped cages.  Just waiting for the day that they are big enough to die.  Sad, so sad.

Then, the corporate world and governments came up with a designation of “Organic”, referring to the fact that the ties to the Earth are somewhat respected.  Wasn’t all food “organic” before the corporatization of food?   And what about all the plastic associated with grocery store food? Containers, packaging, and labels — all becoming a blight on our mother, the Earth.  I challenge you to walk into a grocery store here in Madison, Indiana, and walk out with food and drinks without any plastic.  This is insanity.

Those of us who want real food, frequent Farmers’ Markets, re-establishing ties to the actual food producers in our geographic area. But, alas, hectic life steps in and takes us away from Saturday mornings at the market, or winter comes, and who wants to crawl out of a warm bed on Saturday morning??

So, then it occurred to me that an online platform could be utilized to bring together farmers and artisanal producers.  So that we can once again have real food to eat, obtained in an easy convenient way.

The name, “The Free Earth Collective” has been with me for a few years now.  I hold dreams of people coming together, healing themselves, and healing the Earth at the same time.  For — we and the earth are one.  The Earth is the proper and befitting human environment – no way around that fact.

I have also long held “Phoenix Supply” in my heart – a shop that supplies people the  connections and things that they need to make the jump from one way of living to another.  The old, familiar ways are dying.  And the new way must be forged. So, here we are.  It has all come together in The Free Earth Collective’s online farmers’ market:  Phoenix Supply– a platform where the farmers and artisans can sell directly to you – the consumer.

It’s really that easy, just browse through our items, buy, and choose either free pick up at a convenient location, or home delivery for a small fee.